Whiteboard Hire

Why Hire Whiteboards?

Whiteboards are typically one of the easiest ways to allow multiple participants at a conference to collaborate on complex and evolving ideas. They are environmentally friendly in that no paper is wasted. The pens/erasers are relatively inexpensive and the whiteboards can be easily moved around as they usually have casters. The only problem is that whiteboards themselves can be expensive to buy and store given the size and given they may only be used a couple of times a year. This is why for larger events it makes sense to use a whiteboard hire service.

Whiteboards hire is available in a number of sizes from medium to large, magnetic and non-magnetic, with and without casters.

Using such a service means that the whiteboards can be delivered as and when required, used and then collected by the whiteboard rental company.

For more information about whiteboard hire and rental nationwide visit https://www.thehirestreet.co.uk

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